Quality Policy

It is the policy of AuditGMP to constantly provide high-quality services that meet the needs of its clients, as well as with government regulations and its own business standards, together with a Policy of tolerance, business ethics and transparency, along with strict measures Responsible for the environment: energy, water, reduction of CO2 emissions and packaging … In summary, AuditGMP Pharma SL is a socially responsible company focused on Quality.

AuditGMP is committed to maintaining and increasing its reputation by complying with its Quality System, carrying out adequate processes to ensure constant quality and the provision of continuous service to its clients.

The services provided by AuditGMP must be based on the requirements of its clients. AuditGMP is committed to respecting these requirements through the implementation of an effective and adequate Quality System, which provides a frame of reference to establish and review the Quality objectives.

AuditGMP executes GMP audits following the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17020 “General criteria for the operation of different types of inspection bodies”.

AuditGMP is committed to base the relationship with the client on the principles of professionalism, independence, integrity, transparency and confidentiality to achieve the highest degree of mutual trust. The mentality that guides AuditGMP is to find how to satisfy the needs of our clients.

AuditGMP will provide the necessary resources in technology, staff and training to fulfil its obligations and to assess the quality of the service performed.

The main points of the Quality Policy established in AuditGMP are:

  • Customer satisfaction, constantly providing services that achieve customer quality expectations.
  • Promote the prevention of quality failures as a fundamental tool.
  • Eliminate non-conformities when they occur, as well as establish preventive actions to avoid them from occurring again.
  • Promote and rely on the collaboration and adhesion of all those who are part or collaborate with AuditGMP.
  • Use the QMS (Quality Management System) as a frame, organized in a structured way and promoted by the Direction.
  • Guarantee a high level in the GMP auditing service in the pharmaceutical field, taking into account the GMP requirements regarding documentation and auditing.
  • Communicate the Policy effectively within the Organization and ensure that it is understood.