AuditGMP Pharma S.L. (AuditGMP) is a company specialized in performing Suppliers’ audits for the pharmaceutical and regulated world.

AuditGMP’s exclusive dedication to audits allows its Independence and avoids any interests’ conflict.

It is an AuditGMP policy to constantly provide high quality services to satisfy its clients’ needs and their own company standards, as well as governmental regulations.

AuditGMP auditors have great experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry (medicines and APIs), both in performing audits as well as in receiving audits and inspections.

Fully independence
Highly qualified auditors
Highest quality audits

The team is made by prestigious recognized professionals of the sector having contrasted values of Confidentiality, Impartiality and Integrity.

Their updated knowledge of the regulations, the products and the processes allow them to have a practical approach of the audits where only those aspects which are a true deviation are highlighted.

The support on local independent and experienced collaborators, under a leading European auditor, with a standardized system allows cutting down the period of planning and execution, lowering the audit cost.